Shipping Information

At Faidley’s Seafood, you can order our famous “Jumbo Lump” crabcakes to enjoy at home; we ship anywhere in the continental United States. Our crabcakes are made to order daily and shipped to your door fresh! You may freeze them upon delivery if you would like. To ensure quality, we do not recommend keeping them frozen for more than a month.

We ship our crabcakes packed in insulated cartons with frozen re-usable Koolit® brand refrigerants via UPS Overnight Express Delivery only. We ship Monday through Friday for delivery Tuesday through Saturday. It is best to call in your order at least 24 hours prior to your desired ship date. Example: If you want a delivery on Friday the 21st we would ship out on Thursday the 20th and must be ordered no later than Wednesday the 19th.

Our crabcakes are made with the freshest and finest Jumbo Lump Blue Crab meat. There are only two pieces of “Jumbo Lump” (the swimmer fin muscle) in each crab; it takes over 40 crabs to make a single pound of this succulent delicacy! Our crabcakes are made by hand and average around 6.5 ounces. Rich and delicious, we suggest one per serving. They are packaged individually and priced at $16.95 each.

All ingredients in our crabcakes are fully cooked. You merely need to heat them to serve. We can ship the crabcakes to you browned or un-browned, though we suggest the latter and browning them yourself – it is very easy and instructions are included. Click here for online cooking instructions.

Shipping rates are based on the recipient’s location relative to Baltimore, the further away the higher the rate. You are essentially purchasing a plane ticket and cab ride for your package in order to get this amazing treat guaranteed fresh to your table. UPS overnight charges are based not only on weight, but also on box dimension. Our smallest box can fit up to one dozen crabcakes, and is charged a dimensional weight of 7 lbs. The base rate for this size package covers up to 10 crabcakes. In other words, whether you chose to ship one crabcake or ten crabcakes, the shipping rates will be the same for this size box. The more crabcakes you ship in your package, the more cost effective the overnight shipping charge.

The shipping rate is determined by zone. In order to quote you a “shipped to you total price”, you must call and provide us with a destination zip code.

Because our product is made to order and uses wild caught, fresh ingredients, we ask that you call for availability during the hours of Monday- Saturday 11:00AM – 5:00PM, EST.

There are 3 ways to order. Order online from our “SHiP” button in the header bar. Order from our 3rd party partners at or call us directly. All large orders should be called in.

OUR OCTOGENARIAN, CURMUDGEON, PATRIARCH WILL NOT SHIP SURPRISES! If you plan on sending the crabcakes as a gift, please make sure the recipient will be home for delivery. A fresh crabcake should last in the refrigerator 2-3 days before freezing. If you are not sure if the recipient will be home or will eat them soon after arrival, please consider sending a “gift voucher”. Our gift vouchers cover a given number of crabcakes shipped to a given address. If you purchase a voucher, we mail it the same day with full instructions and a personal message (if desired). All that is required of the recipient is that they simply call 24 hours prior to their desired shipping date to have their crabcakes sent when it’s convenient for them. We also sell “gift certificates” for requested dollar amounts.

When you call to place an order, please have the following information:

1) Date you want your package to arrive.

2) “Ship to” name, address, and phone number

3) If not the same as above: ‘Ship from” name, phone number, billing zip

4) Number of crabcakes

5) Browned or un-browned

6) Message included

7) Method of payment. (We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, and Discover) Credit card number, expiration date, name as it appears on the card, and CV code.

PHONE: 410-727-4898
FAX: 410-837-6495

Thank You!