How to prepare your crabcakes

We ship our crabcakes “ready to brown” or “pre-browned”. Here are instructions for cooking:


BROIL: 5 minutes. There is no need to turn them over. They should be a golden brown and warm in the center.

FRY: Either deep fry until golden brown in a preheated oil of your choice or, pan fry in a mixture of preheated butter or oil cooking on each side until golden brown and warm in the center.

FREEZING: Crabcakes are shipped fresh, but can be frozen, thawed and cooked, accordingly, as instructed above.


Remove crabcakes from refrigeration and allow to come to room temperature. Place crabcakes on a cookie sheet. Bring oven to 350° temperature. Turn oven off and place crabcakes in hot oven for approximately 10 minutes.

Or, you can microwave on paper towels for approximately 60 seconds.